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MSL 6030

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Nuno Pratas
Occasional Advisor

MSL 6030

Olá a todos

Tenho uma MSL 6030 com uma drive Hewlett Packard LTO Ultrium-3 e não consigo ver no sistema operativo,(Windows 2003 R2), a drive da tape.

A tape library está ligada por fibra optica
à MSA1000 através de um HBA 2214, que por sua vez está ligada a um ML530.

Anteriormente tinha um problema de identificação da Library, esse problema foi ultrapassado.

Por fases:

1º em relação ao problema do "unknown media changer", fica resolvido com o ficheiro hptapedrvrs.exe que instala os drivers para a TAPE LIBRARY.

2º O Veritas ou outro sistema de backups nunca vai ver a drive de backup Hewlett Packard LTO Ultrium-3 porque o SO não a vê.
Ele deveria ficar por debaixo de TAPE DEVICES no Hardware Manager.

4º O SO idêntifica 3 dos 4 componetes necessários para o funcionamento da solução:

- HP Storageworks MSL6000 Series Medium Changer - TAPE LIBRARY
- QLogic - HBA que liga à MSA1000
- HP StorageWorks e1200-320 4G interface Controller - O NSR que foi instalado na SAN para me disponibilizar oito conexões por fibra.

- Falta o dispositivo de backup - a Tape Hewlett Packard LTO Ultrium-3.

O SO não vê a tape!

Será um problema de cabos SCSI ou terminação dos mesmos?
Penso que os cabos estarão bem ligados e terminados.
Será um problema de configuração do módulo StorageWorks e1200-320 4G interface Controller?

Alguma sugestão?
Orjan Petersson
Frequent Advisor

Re: MSL 6030

Hi Nuno,
You increase your chances of getting an answer to your questions if you use English instead of Portugeese.

Take care,
Nuno Pratas
Occasional Advisor

Re: MSL 6030


I have an HP MSL6030 with one HP LTO Ultrium-3 drive connected to a NSR e1200-320 4G installed on a MSA1000.
The NSR is connect to an HBA on a ML530 server.
The server has MS windows 2003R2 as OS.
I can see all the envolved devices on the Device Maneger, except the HP LTO Ultrium-3 drive.

Why can´t the windows see the drive?

Anny ideias?

Luk Vandenbussche
Honored Contributor

Re: MSL 6030


Run a FC discovery in your NSR.
This might require a reboot of your NSR.

If this is done succesfully you can find the devices on your server
Marco Ortega
Occasional Advisor

Re: MSL 6030

Hi Nuno,

if this is a MSL6030 lib with an LTO 960 tape drive that has the scsi connectors on the back of the actual drive then you will need to change the scsi cabling from the NSR(fibre bridge) to the library controller bottom port then from top port of Library controller to the scsi connector on the drive and terminate the open scsi port on the drive. This is done only on drive 0(first drive of lib. After this is done then verify that NSR can see the LTO drive(s) and library in its map. A reboot of the nsr may be needed to rediscover devices. Also be sure to disable RSM in the windows systems that can see the lib. via fibre since it sends out TUR that will interfere with lib and drive backup operations. Refer to Microsoft article 842411 for more information.

- Marco Ortega
Nuno Pratas
Occasional Advisor

Re: MSL 6030

Thanks for a quick answer

how can i do the fc discovery?

this is my switch report.
it as MSL6000 series attached on FC port 2.

Switch Information Report for -switch1

List of Switches

Switch ID Worldwide Name Enet IP Addr FC IP Addr Name
1: fffc01 10:00:00:60:69:ca:95:37 x.x.x.x >"-switch1"

Ethernet IP Address: x.x.x.x
Ethernet Subnet Mask:
Fibre Channel IP Address: none
Fibre Channel Subnet Mask: none
Gateway Address: x.x.x.x

Kernel: 5.4
Fabric OS: v3.2.0
Made on: Thu Oct 21 12:17:19 PDT 2004
Flash: Thu Oct 21 12:17:58 PDT 2004
BootProm: Mon Jul 8 18:35:44 PDT 2002

List of Inter-Switch Links

Local Domain ID: 1

Local Port Domain Remote Port State
No ISL Ports !!

List of Ports

switchName: -switch1
switchType: 18.2
switchState: Online
switchMode: Native
switchRole: Principal
switchDomain: 1
switchId: fffc01
switchWwn: 10:00:00:60:69:ca:95:37
switchBeacon: OFF
Zoning: OFF
port 0: cu N2 Online F-Port 50:08:05:f3:00:1c:ba:91
port 1: id N2 Online F-Port 21:00:00:e0:8b:88:0f:63
port 2: id N2 Online L-Port 1 private, 2 phantom
port 3: id N2 No_Light
port 4: id N2 No_Light
port 5: id N2 No_Light
port 6: id N2 No_Light
port 7: id N2 No_Light

Name Server

010000 010100 0102e4
3 Nx_Ports in the Fabric }

Type Pid COS PortName NodeName TTL(sec)
N 010000; 3;50:08:05:f3:00:1c:ba:91;50:08:05:f3:00:1c:ba:90; na
NodeSymb: [23] "HP StorageWorks MSA1000"
Fabric Port Name: 20:00:00:60:69:ca:95:37
N 010100; 3;21:00:00:e0:8b:88:0f:63;20:00:00:e0:8b:88:0f:63; na
NodeSymb: [42] "QLA2340 FW:v3.02.28 DVR:v9.0.0.13 (w32 IP)"
Fabric Port Name: 20:01:00:60:69:ca:95:37
NL 0102e4; 3;10:00:00:e0:02:23:5d:1c;10:00:00:e0:02:03:5d:1c; na
FC4s: FCP [HP MSL6000 Series 0516]
Fabric Port Name: 20:02:00:60:69:ca:95:37

The Local Name Server has 3 entries }

Zoning Information

Defined configuration:
no configuration defined

Effective configuration:
no configuration in effect

SFP Serial ID Information

port 0: cu
port 1: id (sw) Vendor: FINISAR CORP. Serial No: U9K0QPM
port 2: id (sw) Vendor: FINISAR CORP. Serial No: U9K0QRU
port 3: id (sw) Vendor: FINISAR CORP. Serial No: U9K0QRP
port 4: id (sw) Vendor: FINISAR CORP. Serial No: U9K0PUT
port 5: id (sw) Vendor: FINISAR CORP. Serial No: U9M0DHA
port 6: id (sw) Vendor: FINISAR CORP. Serial No: U9M0AX5
port 7: id (sw) Vendor: FINISAR CORP. Serial No: U9M0ADY
Nuno Pratas
Occasional Advisor

Re: MSL 6030


I have run the FC discovery on the NSR on library and still nothing!

I've disable the removable storage service and tried to disabled it like on KB 842411, but i didnt find the reg values that were on it.

The problem is that the NSR on the library on port FC0 doesnt see the NSR on the MSA1000.

Nuno Pratas
Occasional Advisor

Re: MSL 6030


I want to thank you all

i change the scsi cables and it just went fine.

Nuno Pratas
Occasional Advisor

Re: MSL 6030