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MSL2024 Down grade 1840 drive (1) to 1760 drives (2)

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MSL2024 Down grade 1840 drive (1) to 1760 drives (2)

We purchased a MSL2024 with a 1840 drive.  I would like to replace the one (1) 1840 drive with two (2) 1760 drives.  I would like to:

  1. confirm that this can be done,
  2. learn if there are any configuration steps involved.




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Mark Matthews
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Re: MSL2024 Down grade 1840 drive (1) to 1760 drives (2)

The MSL20204 is available to buy with either 1 x 1840 OR 2 x 1760 drives so yes, it is possible...


As for having to do any config, I'm not sure.
Wouldn't have thought so as both types are LTO4, just 1760 is a bit slower and half height...


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