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MSL2024 Error: Magazine Locked Occured

Rowan Troy

MSL2024 Error: Magazine Locked Occured

Hi Guys

I can't get the magazine open on my MSL2024. I get an error light at the front if I try it from the command panel and from the web interface I receive

"Error: Magazine Locked Occured"

Anyone have any ideas on how to solve it or do I need to ring HP and hope for a quick resolve?

Marino Meloni_1
Honored Contributor

Re: MSL2024 Error: Magazine Locked Occured

remember that you have just a few seconds from when you execute the unlock and the time the system lock againt he magazine, if you do not operate in that window the magazine will be locked again
Also the host may prevent the opening of the magazins, if he sent a reserve command that lock them.
to check if you are in this second situation, just disconnect the FC cables, and reboot the library, doing so you reset the "reserve" flag and you prevent hosts to set it again. If now it work, then you have to configure the backup application to allow the door opening when you need
Rowan Troy

Re: MSL2024 Error: Magazine Locked Occured

I installed the latest drivers for the drive and library and that seemed to fix it. Problem I had was that it reset the 32bit SCSI Bus servers that were attached to the SAN but 64bit servers were fine.

Any ideas ?