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MSL2024 Robotics Firmware Updates

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Occasional Contributor

MSL2024 Robotics Firmware Updates

I have a MSL2024 tape library that I just updated to firmware version 5.70 running Robotics Firmware 3.10e. I want to upgrade to firmware version 6.30 but the release notes say that Robotics Firmware 3.20e is required. I cannot find any information on the procedure to update the Robotics Firmware. I've read the release notes for firmware 5.90 - 6.30 and nothing indicates that they include a Robotics Firmware update.

Has anyone updated from Robotics Firmware 3.10e to 3.20e? What process did you use to complete the upgrade?

Occasional Contributor

Re: MSL2024 Robotics Firmware Updates

Robotic Firmware updates are included with the tape library firmware updates. Installing tape library firmware version 6.30 updated the robotic firmware to 3.20e. I asked HP to make this more clear in their release notes.