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MSL4048/ARCserve r12.5 - Shared Library

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MSL4048/ARCserve r12.5 - Shared Library

I've been battling an issue with one of our SAN-attached libraries (MSL4048) that I just can't resolve, even with the "help" of CA technical support and I was hoping someone might have seen this issue before:

I have an MSL4048 with dual 1840 drives. Each drive has two FC connections to two switch fabrics (A & B). I have several ARCserve r12.5 member servers running the latest L&TT, as well as tape drivers and the library/drives are accessible through LT&TT & ARCserve's Device Manager. I have latest firmware on the library and drives. Each member server is SAN-attached and each has an individual zone to the library drives. I am licensed properly for the ARCserve Backups software including SAN Option (which includes their Tape Library Option), so I am licensed to utilize more than one drive on the library.

When I check Device Manager within ARCserve, the library should be displayed as "shared" with the icon of a little hand underneath the library, but I'm not seeing that.

I have an identical configuration with another MSL4048 zoned to the primary r12.5 server and a few other SAN-attached member servers, each with an individual zone to the library and the library is showing as "shared". Any assistance you could offer would be appreciated.
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Re: MSL4048/ARCserve r12.5 - Shared Library

Okay, I discovered that the ARCserve primary server must be zoned to both libraries even if it won't be utilizing it for backup. Apparently, access to the library as a shared device is always brokered through the primary server.

Once I zoned my 2nd library to the primary server and restarted the ARCserve services on the member servers, the library was seen as shared by the members zoned to that library.