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MSL4048 G3 Auto Power On

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Frequent Advisor

MSL4048 G3 Auto Power On

Hi All

I just got a new MSL4048G3 SCSI library.
I noticed that when I plugged in the power cables, the library didn't turn on automatically - it is still in stand-by mode or something.
My old MSL6060 library was turned on automatically.

This is a very important feature for example after a power outage. Without this feature, I have to physically press the power button.

Some help is appreciated.

Curtis Ballard
Honored Contributor

Re: MSL4048 G3 Auto Power On

The power switch state is latched so if the library was off when the power is removed it stays off. If the library was on when the power is removed it comes back on when power is returned.
Frequent Advisor

Re: MSL4048 G3 Auto Power On

Thanks a lot Curtis

I actually discovered this after posting my initial question.
I just had to do a bit more testing.