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MSL4048 "ROB FW Upgrade" message after updating firmware

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MSL4048 "ROB FW Upgrade" message after updating firmware



After updating firmware(4.?? to 7.20), my MSL4048 keep saying it's "ROB FW Upgrade" state in its Web admin interface.  It've been 5 hours already.  I cannot reboot, try to update the firmware again, etc...

(attaching the screen capture)


Can anyone explain what happining and how to recover to normal state?




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Curtis Ballard
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Re: MSL4048 "ROB FW Upgrade" message after updating firmware

That message indicates that a Robotics firmware upgrade is required.  It is supposed to be done as part of the normal upgrade process but as you skipped over so many revisions apparently the robot didn't update correctly.  I would recommend you try updating firmware one or two times.  If that doesn't work you can download a version of firmware that is older than 7.20 and it should work with the version of firmware on your robot at least to get you back up and running.