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MSL5026 SDLT Drive Writing problem

anand khedia
Occasional Advisor

MSL5026 SDLT Drive Writing problem


I have one MSL5026 with two SDLT drives configured in heterogeneouos environment with Legato Networker.I m facing problem while taking backup from any client.The tape is getting full after writing 300-400MB.

Need yr help guys!

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Re: MSL5026 SDLT Drive Writing problem

In case you have a 300/600 GB Drive, you can store 300GB uncompressed data or **up to** 600 GB compressed. This depends on the data, some like text files are high compressable, some like binaries not.
Compare this little example: Try to zip a jpeg file, the result is likely bigger in size than the original.

Hope this helps!

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David Ruska
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Re: MSL5026 SDLT Drive Writing problem

> The tape is getting full after writing 300-400MB.

Is the "MB" a typo? Did you mean "GB"?

If you are getting <1GB on an SDLT tape, something is very wrong.

The SDLT capacity depends on drive type, desnity, and media. There are 3 different SDLT drives that went into the MSL:
SDLT 110/220 (110 native, 220 compressed @2:1)
SDLT 160/320
SDLT 600 (600 compressed@2:1)

If you have the 160/320 drive, then 300-400 GB per tape would be normal.

Tape capacity is affected by error rate. If you feel you are not getting the appropriate capacity, run the HP L&TT diagnostic tool, and run the "drive assessment test". It will check error rates and capacity loss.
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