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MSL5052SL and M2402 (MDR) problems on W2k

MSL5052SL and M2402 (MDR) problems on W2k


I try to connect a MSL5052 via SAN in a Proliant with Emulex LP9002.

The zone is ok (Brocade 2800)

The W2K know the Modular Data Router, but don't know the Tape Drives and Media Changer.

I tried to connect a MSL5052 via SCSI LVD in server, and works properly.

When I tried to conect via SAN the MDR M2402 is recognizied, but the Wk2 don't recognizes tape library and Media Changer Mechanism.

Can you help me?
clay bowman
Frequent Advisor

Re: MSL5052SL and M2402 (MDR) problems on W2k

I have basically the same setup, Not sure if you tried this but once you connect the SAN\MDR and library, you have to shut all components down and bring them up up in this order. Library..wait until it comes on line. MDR..give it 2 min then the server. Hope this helps