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Tape Libraries and Drives
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MSL6000 Pass-Through. Can not see all drives on OS

Occasional Advisor

MSL6000 Pass-Through. Can not see all drives on OS

I extended the MSL6060 with another three MSL6060 and a pas-through mechanism.
We got a internal router card for FC connection

The master and slave libraries works fine,I move tape between all drives and slots, but when I try to see on SAN, I can not see the 16 drives, I just can see 5 drives on HP-UX server.
I checked the zone configuration and was ok.
The FC cables ok.
I configured maps on e1200-320 4Gb Fibre Channel Interface Card, I included the the tape drives, CHRG and NSe1200-320 on map Port 0 Device Map, but nothing happend.
I used LUN id consecutive on each of 8 routers map, I mean, at the first router I used the LUN id 0-4, to next router 5-8.....for tape drives, CHRG, and NSe1200-320.

I erased the indexed map, but did not work.
Some body know Do I have to set or move some parameters?
Just wondering if anyone has had any experience with this can help me.
Thanks in advanced