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MSL6000 - Power Supply Faulty?

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MSL6000 - Power Supply Faulty?

Hi Everyone,


Any help would be greatly appreciated.  I have a new, never used MSL6000 Tape Library.  The Library was setup and installed as per the instructions, step by step.  After powering on the library it completed its self checks and proceeded to scan the tapes in the magazines.  After being powered on for about five minutes, it shut off. 


Now when I try to turn it on all I get is a flashing amber LED.  Since the power supply fan is not spinning I am assuming that the power supply has failed.  Not good for only five minutes of operation!!


The problem is,  when I look at support documents and replacement parts they all mention a quick swap power supply that is pulled from a receiver assembly and a new power supply is simply inserted and snapped in place. 


The unit that I have does NOT work like this.  The power suppy is similar to ye olde PC power supply and it appers that an almost complete disassebly of the unit is necessary to replace it.  This would involve removing about 10,000 screws from what I can tell.


Does ANYONE have any advise??  A step by step proceedure on how to replace the power supply and what I need to order to replace it would be most appreciated.  The library, while never having been used, is not under any type of support contract so I am on my own.  Days of Google searchs and looking through dozens of PDFs have yielded no results.


Thanks in advance!!

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Re: MSL6000 - Power Supply Faulty?

There are various possible reasons, like power supply, power supply receiver, etc.    But it sounds like you have the "CR" model - this means there is only 1 spare part: the complete chassis!

Hope this helps!

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Re: MSL6000 - Power Supply Faulty?

Yes, the new model of MSL6030 do not have power supply spare parts, the complete chassis has to be swapped.

As the library is brand new, and if you are sure the imput voltage is in the range and you have good ground, the best next step is to have is replaced as DOA, within one month the reseller can exchange it with  a new one

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Re: MSL6000 - Power Supply Faulty?

Thanks for your help!!


Just knowing that my assumption of faulty hardware has been confirmed is great.

It still makes me a little hot under the collar.  At the same time I did the setup of the library I completed a setup of two new HP servers.  Turns out one server has a bad processor and the other has a dead DVD drive.  That combined with the DOA tape library has me questioning HP quality.   This is the first time I've tried HP hardware... traditionally I used Dell and IBM.


-Thanks again!  Have a good day!

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Re: MSL6000 - Power Supply Faulty?

You know, everything may have an issue, and for sure you are unlucky to get three new products, each with a problem. I would suggest to turn this situation in a great experience on the HP assistance. Related to the MSL, the Flashing Amber LED (i suppose on the front) is indicating the power supply is present and waiting to power up. In order to power up these unit you should touch the OCP. if it do not work you may have a problem with the OCP or the OCP controller too. In any case, the complete chassis is the only spare part