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MSL6030 Back UP slowly

Alexander Nastas
Occasional Visitor

MSL6030 Back UP slowly

I have a MSL 6030 Tape library, with 2 tape Ultrium Tape Drives. It is connected via a scsi cable to the Proliant 320s (Windows 2003 Server) with a HP StorageWorks U320e SCSI Host Bus Adapter. The scheme of connection is as shown in the link below:

HP L&TT 4.5 SR1 shows the following results:
- Drive Performance Test:
60 mb/s Writing Speed for each of the 2 drives

- The Support Ticket is attached
- The backup performance test shows a speed of about 100 mb/sec

Well, everything seems to work fine. the problem is, that when I try to backup smth. (about 98 GB), Using DP 6.0 it backs up very slow (Speed - about 16 mb/min). And I can't understand, what can be the problem, since all the tests in L&TT are passed.
Thank You
Marino Meloni_1
Honored Contributor

Re: MSL6030 Back UP slowly

- you have polling going, check the server for standard actions on polling ( ebsdesignguide)

- run assessment test with a brand new cartridge on both drives, Parity errors has been reported to the hosts.

-then, run a "Device" "performance test" from LTT and see what is the max performance from the host to the drive (use a brand new cartridge for this test)
after that you can run a "System" performance test with the option backup, it will read your data from the source, or you can before create your own amount of data on the hdd with the "Restore" test


Re: MSL6030 Back UP slowly

# what exactly you mean "backup something"?

# LTT w/r test does "w/r" localy created "test data" which is created where you decide

# was the backup speed in any time in past different [better] for the same backed up data?
- what has changed since then?

Run media assessment test
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Re: MSL6030 Back UP slowly

> that when I try to backup smth

> I can't understand, what can be the problem, since all the tests in L&TT are passed.

Why do you blame the tape drive for the slow performance.

Where is the 98GB that you are trying to backup? How fast is it read? What is the path that it follows to the tape? There can be be many factors along the way.