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MSL6030 FC LTO2 and W2K3 64 bit

Brian Kerr_1

MSL6030 FC LTO2 and W2K3 64 bit

I'm trying to use a new MSL6030 twin LTO2 drive Fibre Channel connected tape library hosted on a Windows Serrver 2003 Standard 64 bit OS. The devices are seen as unknown devices by the OS and my attempts to install drivers from the downloads from HP (relevant file appears to be all fail. Downloaded LTT v4.1 for x64 and the install also fails with an Installshield error 1607 unable to install Installshield scripting Runtime.

Do I have to revert to 32bit OS for this all to work? (We have two other identical setups working at 32 bit.)

Brian Kerr_1

Re: MSL6030 FC LTO2 and W2K3 64 bit

It was in fact a simple problem - turn off AV on the host first!