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MSL6030 door wont open

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MSL6030 door wont open

I'm having an issue with the tape library and it’s the right side door lock. Its giving me an error that the door is open and its closed so I can run an inventory which will not allow my backup jobs to run. Attached pic shows error code. I have reboot library and hit resume but it’s not working


Err code:



Fault Code: 2009(soft)

Door Open



Re: MSL6030 door wont open



Take into consideration that our Tape Library is out of support and any modifications may void warranty/support.


I experienced the same issue not too long ago.  For me, it was mechanical.  The latch on the door was not making proper contact with the switch in the library housing.  I fixed it by carefully adjusting the latch so that when the door closed it would make contact with the switch.




Re: MSL6030 door wont open

Thank you.  That is exactly what it turned out to be

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Re: MSL6030 door wont open

Just to add a bit of info for future people searching this forum. I've found that my MSL2024 can also get into a bit of a state when there is a tape in the drive, but the backup software thinks that all the tapes are in the tray. Easily fixed by going to the library web UI and moving the tape back into the empty slot.