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MSL6030 - is firmware 5.13 the problem?

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MSL6030 - is firmware 5.13 the problem?

We've been experiencing multiple HW failures with two sets of MSL6030 tape libraries running version 5.13 firmware. The most recent failure threw error codes 3011 and 3052. In reading various posts in the forums I notice numerous recommendations to move off the 5.13 firmware version. There is reference to rolling back to 5.07, but also reference to 5.16. What is the current recommendation? Has 5.16 been confirmed as "stable", or is rolling back to 5.07 still a recommended test?
Luk Vandenbussche
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Re: MSL6030 - is firmware 5.13 the problem?

I advise you to update to 5.16
David Ruska
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Re: MSL6030 - is firmware 5.13 the problem?


The 5.16 firmware was released, however it resolved just one of the intermittent robotics issues being seen by some customers.

Here are the 5.16 changes:

1) Issue where some units were getting randomly getting FSC 3013 Drive Fetch failure errors.

2) Rare issue where the library's GUI would hang in a multi-unit configuration when the mail slot is accessed from the front panel while the library is executing a move media command.

Additional improvements for robotics problems were included in following 5.18 firmware. Those fixes include:

1) Fixed front panel hang problem if Move Media button is pressed while importing media from Mailslot.

2) Fixed Mailslot learning problem that creates repeated MailSlot Stow Retries.

3) Optimized a Fetch and Stow operation to improve bin fetch and stow retry for the Right Front slots.

4) Fixed Fetch and Stow retry miscount problem; retries were previously underreported

5) Forced relearning the offset of a regular slot if there is a stow retry at the slot.

6) Fixed a firmware bug that applies multi-piece magazine offsets for single-piece magazine on a Stow operation if the cartridge is moved from a Mailslot.

7) Fixed Bin Fetch retry miscount problem; retries were previously underreported

8) Changed the description in web interface's Drive Status summary page for native Fibre channel drive from "WW Node Name" to "WW Port Name".

So the recommendation is to update to 5.18 for any robotics errors you may be seeing.

Here are the customer advisory links:



HP StorageWorks L&TT is the suggested tool for updating your MSL firmware (www.hp.com/support/tapetools)

HP Engineering
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Re: MSL6030 - is firmware 5.13 the problem?

Thanks to the HP team for the feedback. We'll update the devices to 5.18 next tuesday and I'll post the results (and email to the HP team).

Thanks again.