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MSL6030 strange I/O error/L&TT error

Joe A Miller

MSL6030 strange I/O error/L&TT error

We have one drive that has recently started giving I/O errors in Data Protector (media could not be loaded due to an I/O error).

DP & Windows can see the SCSI address and the drive and library pass all tests in L&TT. When I try to load a tape into the drive with L&TT the error below appears immediately.

We have tried power cycling the library and rebooting the server but it hasn't helped. Any ideas?

'Could not perform move medium:MoveMedium:Check condition sense value returned:SenseKey = 05,ASC/ACSQ=3b/80 (ILLEGAL MOVE COMMAND)
Joe A Miller

Re: MSL6030 strange I/O error/L&TT error

Never mind. Sorry I had the local guy completely power down the library (instead of just a reboot) and the problem went away.