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MSL6060 Tapes drives not showing up in Windows 2003

Cresswell Williams
Frequent Advisor

MSL6060 Tapes drives not showing up in Windows 2003

Hi Experts

I have an MSL6060 which had 2 x Ult 960 Tape drives in it with 1 NSR and Library Controller Card. I upgraded it to 4 x Ult using an addtional NSR.

I cabled it up as instructed in the MSL 6000 User guide, did the zoning on on each fabric switch, but the additional two Tape drives do not appear in device manager. It just shows the original two drives.

How should I configure the new NSR for the two new drives to be seen in Windows.

Attached is a rough drawing of my current environment. The two drives Fabric A shows in device manager, but on Fabric B it does not.

Thank you
Víctor Cespón
Honored Contributor

Re: MSL6060 Tapes drives not showing up in Windows 2003

I suppose you have 2 Ultriums connected to each NSR, one in each SCSI channel.

From the NSR web, click Discovery and check that you see a TAPE device on each channel

Then click Mapping and assign the host a mapping. Without this the host will not see anything.

Also, redo the mapping to include the new drives.

For Windows, NSR must be on LUN 0, robotics (CHGR) on LUN 1, and the 4 drives on LUNs 2 - 5