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MSL8096 - two libraries have swapped serial numbers - please help!


MSL8096 - two libraries have swapped serial numbers - please help!

Good morning,


Post the reboot of my Data Protector server (Windows 2008 R2) by two MSL8096 tape libraries have swapped serial numbers.  The change has not just taken place within the Data Protector application, but also shows on the library's web interface.


For example:

MSL8096-01 started with serial number AAAA1234 and now has serial number BBBB5678

MSL8096-02 started with serial number BBBB5678 and now has serial number AAA1234


How do I get each library to show the correct serial number again, please?

Would also be interested if anyone could explain what has caused this error - so I can avoid it again.


This is most urgent as all my backups have failed overnight and continue to do so.


The LTO5 tape drives within each library still have the correct serial numbers (i.e. the same as before the reboot of the Data Protector server).


Thank you,

Kind Regards,