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Manually assigning a MSL4048 logical tape library to a LTO7 drive


Manually assigning a MSL4048 logical tape library to a LTO7 drive

Hi everyone,

I have a MSL4048 with 4 x logical libraries and 4 x LTO7 drives.

We use ARCSERVE as our backup software and the only way to assign logical libraries to LTO7 drives is through a wizard.

Before doing so, how can I tell what library is assigned to what LTO7 device?

ARCSERVE documentation states:

Note: Assigning a drive to a library lets the Tape Engine detect the presence of the drive in the library. If you are assigning drives manually, the drives inside multiple drive libraries must be assigned in the order that the library detects them. Typically, manufacturers configure libraries so that the first library drive has the lowest SCSI ID number, and the last library drive has the highest SCSI ID number. Be aware that this is not always the case. See the documentation supplied with your library for information about how your library’s drives are configured.

How do I determine the order of detection?