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Mixing narrow and wide SE SCSI devices on the same chain

Philip Sheehan
Occasional Visitor

Mixing narrow and wide SE SCSI devices on the same chain


I wish to connect an existing DDS-3 DAT drive to the on-board SE/LVD SCSI port (core I/O) on our N4000 box. Currently, a DDS3 drive and a DVD drive are chained on this port by way of C4318B 3U Rack Mount Adapter. The C4318B slots are terminated on 68-pin high density female DB connectors.

I want to connect the second C6364A DAT drive in this SE SCSI chain. The C6364A is terminated on a high density 50-pin female connector. So, if I want to put it on the end of the current chain, I understand that the proper way to accomplish this is through a 68-pin to 50-pin adapter with a built-in high-byte terminator. Is this your understanding of what needs to be done? If so, does HP supply such an adapter. The Web site describes a C2364A multimode terminator (pass through terminator), but I have not been able to find any details on this device? Thanks in advance for your assistance.

Philip Sheehan
Clark College



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Patrick Wessel
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Re: Mixing narrow and wide SE SCSI devices on the same chain

You will find the perfect answer on this web-page:

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