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NTBackup cannot compress data with DAT C1533A

Carlos Guirao
Frequent Advisor

NTBackup cannot compress data with DAT C1533A


I'm trying to copy over 5GB of data in a tape DDS-2 4/8. It is C1533A.
I use NTBackup in a Windows 2003 SP2 Server.
I put hardware compression in the task of NTBackup and I have the dip switches in DAT ok.
All in ON and the dip 3 in OFF.

I can't copy 5GB, + or -.
The task finalize and in the log can I see that it finalize in 2GB, + or -.

I understand that tape don't compress data.

The Task in NTBackup have "/hc:on" option. Hardware compression active if tape support it.

I tried combination of dip switches and other forms.

Can you help me?
Always Thank you

Carlos Guirao
Frequent Advisor

Re: NTBackup cannot compress data with DAT C1533A

Sorry to all.

I've been doing copy of not compresible data.
Tape cannot compress not compresible data.
If I do it with compressible data, the copy is possible.
There is not error in NTBackup.