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Need assistance with Ultrium 448 performance issue.

Occasional Contributor

Need assistance with Ultrium 448 performance issue.

I got a DL380 G3 server with 3HDD's configured for RAID5. Further more there is an internal DAT72 hotplug (Q1529A) tape drive in this server.

Due to increased storage demands, I recently installed an Ultrium 448 internal drive in a 1U rackmount kit, and a single channel U320 SCSI adapter into the server.

Software used for backup is Backup Exec V10 and the ultrium drive seems to work OK.

However, when running L&TT V4.5 software to test funtionality & performance, it reports the following:

"There are indications that the drive is experiencing a high polling rate on the SCSI Interface"

Estimated native data rate (last 2 tapes) : 7.7 MB/s (104 GB written, 1.2 MB read)
Previous tape (2130408878) : 8.4 MB/s (33.1 GB written, 0 KB read)
Previous tape (2240171542) : 7.3 MB/s (71.2 GB written, 1.2 MB read)
Specified max native data rate : 24 MB/sec.

I'll be greatful if someone can assist me in solving this issue to get this drive performing optimally.
Thanks in advance.
TapeDrive Killer
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Re: Need assistance with Ultrium 448 performance issue.

Hi Tony sorry for replying late, The high polling rate is from RSM and performance could be many reasons check this links out.
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