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New DLT vs80 drive & old DLT IV tapes!!!

Sinh Ta
Occasional Visitor

New DLT vs80 drive & old DLT IV tapes!!!

Hello everyone,

We resently acquired a new DLT vs80 drive. When we try to format some old DLT IV tapes (previously used with Compaq DLT4000), we keep getting the message: "The drive is write-protected", when it's not.

I've checked on the HP support web site and they recommend to use the magnetics bulk eraser, but I don't have one and really don't want to buy one! If anyone has the workaround, please let me know.

Many thanks,
Jon Mattatall
Esteemed Contributor

Re: New DLT vs80 drive & old DLT IV tapes!!!

Bad News....

Check here for details on sv80 tape compatibility...

The problem seems to be that you can read from tapes previously used in a DLT4000 drive, but yopu cannot write to them. At that, it could be worse, as the chart indicates you cannot read or write a tape used in a DLT7000 OR 8000 drive.

A little knowledge is dangerous - none is absolutely terrifying!!!
Vincent Farrugia
Honored Contributor

Re: New DLT vs80 drive & old DLT IV tapes!!!


It is telling you so because vs80s, like DLT1s, are backward compatible ONLY to DLT4000 format, but cannot write with that format. You can only read it.

So in order to write on those tapes, you have to erase the format in them i.e. bulk erase it.

Otherwise, buy new media (DLT IV ONLY) and you should be fine.

Tape Drives RULE!!!
Sinh Ta
Occasional Visitor

Re: New DLT vs80 drive & old DLT IV tapes!!!

Hello and thanks for those replies,

We only have 10 old DLT IV tapes and that the main reason for not purchase the bulk eraser. I'd guess that we'll look for someone to do the tape erasing for us.

Many thanks,