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OBDR and DRTape

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OBDR and DRTape

hi, i have performed a One Button Disaster Recovery backup with the Data Protector 5.1. but i'm not able to boot from this tape. the tape drive is a DAT 40 (where it's written in the drive: DRTape ready) and the cartridge used is a DDS4 20/40 GB.

can anyone tell me how can i boot with a compaq DAT 40 (DRTape) ???

any hint will be very appreciated


Marino Meloni_1
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Re: OBDR and DRTape

You will find lots of useful hint in this link:


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Re: OBDR and DRTape

i have this documents, but i wanted to know how can i perform a OBDR with the DRTape tape drives...

anyway thx

Marino Meloni_1
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Re: OBDR and DRTape

How do I put my tape drive into OBDR mode?
There are two methods:
a) If you are local to the server, you can put the disaster recovery tape into the drive,
hold the eject button, and press the power button at the same time. Hold the eject
button until you see the blinking light sequence indicating OBDR mode activation.
Refer to the tape drive userâ s guide for more detailed information.
b) Insert the disaster recovery media into the drive. This needs to be performed by a
person on site. If you have a new version of firmware on a supported HP SCSI
controller you may press when prompted at POST (Power on Self test). Follow
the on-screen instructions to switch the tape drive into OBDR mode. This may be
done as a local or remote user. To perform this function remotely it requires the HP
Remote Insight Lights Out Board. See the following matrix for Server/Controller
support for .
See the following documentation for more detailed functionality procedures.
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Re: OBDR and DRTape


That link that Mario posted looks interesting but leads to a link that doesn't exist. Does anyone have that white paper they can forward to me?

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Marino Meloni_1
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Re: OBDR and DRTape