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Oracle restore/recovery session seems to stay forever

Ravi Kosaraju_1
Occasional Contributor

Oracle restore/recovery session seems to stay forever

We are using DP 6.0 (internal build version 331) with Oracle 10gR2 on Linux x86_64 server. The DP software is installed on an x86-64 server running redhat AS 2.6.9-55.

I was testing restore and recovery of an oracle database from Host A to Host B using DP tape library. The restore works fine if I run it without recovery. When recovery is issued, it completes successfully but the session seems to stay on the DP until someone restarts the DP server.

The status on the Restore says "COMPLETED Media Agent "Drive 1"". If I try to abort the session it does not go away.

Has anyone seen this and if so have a possible solution?