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Plug MSL5026 on a SAN with VMS boxes

Frequent Advisor

Plug MSL5026 on a SAN with VMS boxes

Hi there,

We have a SAN connected over 3 places with 5 VMS boxes.
On every place we've 2 8-port-Compaq-SAN-Switches (2 redundant Ciruits).

On one place we have a MSL5026, which I want to connect to the SAN, to access it from the VMS boxes also connected to the SAN!

I know I've to get a FC-IF e1200-160 to plug the MSL to the SAN-Switch!
MRU License is also there!

But what do I've to do then???
What do i've to configure?
Is the e1200-160 compatible with a Compaq-8-port-SAN-Switch (with GBICs)?

Attached a plan of our environment!

(Who wants can answer in german!)

Thx Kuddel
Luk Vandenbussche
Honored Contributor

Re: Plug MSL5026 on a SAN with VMS boxes

Hi Kudde,

There is no reason why this will not work.
I advise you to create a seperate SAN zone with your backup devices, so you will only see each drive once.

To configure, you should first give an IP adres to you NSR to check everything is OK here.
Uwe Zessin
Honored Contributor

Re: Plug MSL5026 on a SAN with VMS boxes

The E1200-160 does work on a 1-GBit switch, provided that you change the port speed either from the ASCII menue or the web interface.

I, too, suggest that you make the web interface available, first. Creating the mappings through the funny ASCII menues is possible, but can take quite some time.