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Problem with firmware update

Darko Todoroski
Occasional Visitor

Problem with firmware update

I have HP DLT VS80 storage and I'm trying to update the firmware from V059 version to V065. But after the update is starting i have this error.

|__ Firmware update started on device 4/0.5.0 (V059:0x00000000/0x00003C01 -> V065:0x00000000/0x00003C01)
|__ Operations Log
| |__ starting update...
| |__ transferring image 1 of 32
| |__ transferring image 2 of 32
| |__ transferring image 3 of 32
| |__ transferring image 4 of 32
| |__ transferring image 5 of 32
| |__ transferring image 6 of 32
| |__ transferring image 7 of 32
| |__ transferring image 8 of 32
| |__ transferring image 9 of 32
| |__ transferring image 10 of 32
| ...
| |__ transferring image 32 of 32
|__ Unrecovered I/O error
|__ I/O Exception (Sense Key: 5, Sense Code: 0x248E - 'Invalid personality for CUP')
|__ SCSI Cmd I/O at 4/0.5.0: Write Buffer

The software for firmware updating that i'm using is HP StorageWorks Library and Tape Tools.

Also as attachment you have my support ticket and the whole configuration of the system.

LTT Team
Valued Contributor

Re: Problem with firmware update

Hi Darko,

If the personality was invalid, LTT would have caught it in the first place. Check your connections between drive and host as a corruption could have taken place during the image transfer.

If the issue persists, please send EventLog.ltt & ResultLog.ltt to

Thank you,
Satya (LTT Team)