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Procedure to install mls6000

Carl Legault
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Procedure to install mls6000

We bought a hp mls6000 with 4 drive module and two fibre channel port adapter. I'm not able to find a plan explaining to me how to connect thoses unit storage with my two fibre channel adapter and the SCSI located in the back of the msl6000.

Thanks in advance
Mark Poeschl_2
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Re: Procedure to install mls6000

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Re: Procedure to install mls6000

if you are planning to direct attaching the library to the host, i.e. no sharing with other hosts, you will just need to connect the fibre port from each storage router (NSR) to each fibre channel adapter in the host. then from the same NSR, connect each NSR to 2 drives, daisy chained. only one of the NSR will be daisy chained with the robotic controller as well. you can download the document to setup the NSR with MSL6000 library in the following link :

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Re: Procedure to install mls6000

Refer to

Hope this helps!

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