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Proper way to turn off 1/8 G2 auto loader

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Proper way to turn off 1/8 G2 auto loader

Dear Experts,

I am looking for proper method to shut down the autoloader 1/8 G2, There is a power button on auto loader,  presessing same will turn it off?

OR we need to use 'next', 'previous' keys to turn the device completely off?

In the user guide I found the below but seems to me they are only for Drive not for complete hardware:

Use this option to power a drive on or off without interrupting power to the rest of the device.
Access to this feature requires the administr ator password.
T o power on or off the drive:
1 . From the Home screen, press Previous or Next until the screen displays Support. Press Enter
to select .
2. Press Previous or Next until the screen displays Power On/Off Drive. Press Enter to select .
3. Enter the administr ator password, if prompted.
4. The screen displays Drive. The second line in the display displays the current state, which is
either P ower ON or P ower OFF.
5. T o change the power status, press Enter. The screen displays either Press Enter to Power off
Drive, or Press Enter to P ower on Drive. Press Enter to select . The Ready LED blinks during the


Please assist because I don't want to do wrong way resulting in any problem.



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Re: Proper way to turn off 1/8 G2 auto loader

Pressing the power button will shutdown the autoloader,

Hope this helps!

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