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Reading DDS2 tape on DAT72 tape drive

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Reading DDS2 tape on DAT72 tape drive


I try to retrieve same files from a DDS2 tape on a new platform with a DAT72 tape drive.
When I insert my tape in the drive, after a few seconds, it is automatically ejected.

Is there any way to read my tape with a DAT72 tape drive.

Thanks for any help.


Steven E. Protter
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Re: Reading DDS2 tape on DAT72 tape drive

Shalom Bruno,

The question as posed is impossible to answer.

First we'd need to know how the files were written.

If for example you have fbackup or tar you should be able to read the tape.

The general theory is older tapes should be readable but not necessarily writable in the newer drive.

This may be too big a jump in hardware to expect it to work.

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Re: Reading DDS2 tape on DAT72 tape drive


See these threads:


In most cases, what you're attempting to do should work. Your DDS4 drive may need updated firmware, or the DDS2 tape may be defective.

Have you tried a different tape in the drive?

harry d brown jr
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Re: Reading DDS2 tape on DAT72 tape drive


A2. A DAT72 tape drive will only read and write in DAT72 format on a DAT72 tape. The HP StorageWorks versions of DAT72 will also read and write DDS-3 and DDS-4 format to appropriate pieces of media. This is because a media recognition system built into the media cartridges and the tape drive identifies the type of tape which has been inserted and sets the drive's recording parameters accordingly. The system also recognizes and treats cleaning cartridges in an appropriate way. If a piece of media other than a cleaning cartridge, DDS-3, DDS-4 or DAT72 data cartridge is inserted into the drive the media recognition system will cause the cartridge to be ejected. Consequently, DDS-2, DDS and audio DAT cartridges cannot be used and will be automatically ejected from the drive.

from: http://h18000.www1.hp.com/products/storageworks/dat726ta/qa.html

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harry d brown jr
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Re: Reading DDS2 tape on DAT72 tape drive


I wish to change my answer. According to the QuickSpecs for StorageWorks DAT 72x10, this is not possible:


See page 10.