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SAN Switch don´t see the NSR's (MSL6060)


SAN Switch don´t see the NSR's (MSL6060)


I have 2 libraries MSL6060 (Master/Slave), recently the FW of the NSR's (NSR e1200-160) was updated to version 5.9.44.

I buy one san switch and this switch don´t see the WWN of the two NSR, and this switch see the port of the NSR of the master library as F-Port and the NSR of the slave library see as L-Port.

Please your help with this problem...
Marino Meloni_1
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Re: SAN Switch don´t see the NSR's (MSL6060)

You can try to set a fixed value for both the nsr and the switch port to Fport

Re: SAN Switch don´t see the NSR's (MSL6060)

Ok, is valid, but in the NSR port configuration (master library) i only have two options :

Autosensing and N-Port.

The idea is:

SAN Switch port fix to F-port
NSR port fix to N-Port

Is rigth?

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Re: SAN Switch don´t see the NSR's (MSL6060)

From the NSR manual:

"Port Mode (default: N_Port) sets the port mode.
Port Mode settings:
- Auto Sense: In this mode, the Fibre Channel port tries to negotiate as a
loop. If it is not successful, then the Fibre Channel port negotiates as a
fabric. If the port comes up as a loop, it then determines whether it is on a
private or public loop.
- N_Port: (default) This mode allows the router to bypass the loop
negotiation and come up as a fabric only. If the router is on a loop, and
N_Port mode is selected, an error in communication may occur."

What is the switch port setting?

Hope this helps!

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Re: SAN Switch don´t see the NSR's (MSL6060)

Please, tomorrow i go to do some test...

The port in the switch.. mmm... i don't remember.

Tomorrow I post it the results...