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SDLT 160/320 tape eject automatically

Thet Win
Occasional Advisor

SDLT 160/320 tape eject automatically


I have SDLT 160/320 attached to internal SCSI of ML570 G2. The tape in drive sometime eject out automatically.
I'd like to know if there is compatibility issue for drive with internal SCSI(adpu160m.sys 6.1.63) or any other reason.

Regular Advisor

Re: SDLT 160/320 tape eject automatically


Check the ff. for isolation:

1.proper pc/server ventilation*

2.proper scsi termination.

3.use media cleaner

4.use recommended oem tape diagnostic tools.


- i assumed your using an internal SDLT tape drive. Therefor your tape drive ventilation will depend on your server existing ventilation.

- although 'ders a lot of reason why media suddenly ejects out automatically, I would still suggest that you try to check the proper ventilation of your server.

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