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Tape Libraries and Drives
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SDLT/LTO Options

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Adam Hicks

SDLT/LTO Options

I'm looking for opinions on a new Tape Library to replace my current DLT 7000 4/45. I want either an SDLT or LTO with at least 4 drives and 30 to 45 tapes, standard fast-wide SCSI and Omniback compatible. It can have a little age on it but something not EOL is preferred. Any suggestions would be highly appreciated. -Adam
Kurt Beyers.
Honored Contributor

Re: SDLT/LTO Options


The options are:

-MSL5052S2 with SDLT 160/320 drives
-MSL5060L1 with Ultrium 100/200 drives
-MSL6060L2 with Utrium 200/400 drives

I would go for the MSL6060 library. The most performant and recent technology.

Of course the SDLT drive still can read your DLT7000 tapes, which could be an argument to choose the SDLT tape drive technology. But in DP 5.5, you can migrate from DLT tapes to Ultrium tapes.