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SDLT tape drive density code problem.

Matt Robbins
Occasional Contributor

SDLT tape drive density code problem.

After restoring a file using a DLT IV tape on an SDLT tape drive, the density code now shows as DLT even if an SDLT tape is in the drive. This is also affecting any restores done using an SDLT since. It will only read up to 40gb and then asks for sequence 2. How do I change the density code to read SDLT?
Glenn Weavind_1
Frequent Advisor

Re: SDLT tape drive density code problem.

Matt: I've seen some problems with SDLT drives and DLTIV media: have you ensured that you have the latest firmware in your SDLT drive?
Does the capacity setting persist if you power down the server and SDLT drive?
Naeem Khokhar
Occasional Contributor

Re: SDLT tape drive density code problem.

try these patches

HP patches:
PHKL_28216 for 11.0
PHKL_28217 for 11i


1- ioscan -f (get instance number for your tape drive, in my case it was 0

2- mksf -d stape -I -b -c

mksf -d stape -I 0 -b 147 -c 16

This will create a "devices node" ; in our case it was

3- tar -cvf /dev/rmt/c0t14d0D147C16 /usr

Note: This is a rewind device node