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Slow Sursetore DLT818

Michael Curtis
Occasional Advisor

Slow Sursetore DLT818


My SuerStore DLT 818 has suddenly gone very slow. It is going from 30mb/min to 300+mb/min. I get different speeds on different partitions of the same drive. The same also happens across the network. It was all going fine and suddenly this just started.

I have checked the latest firmware and it is up to date. Does anyone know anything I can check. It is connected to a Adaptec 2940uw.

Any ideas would be most helpful.

Best wishes

Michael Curtis
Marino Meloni_1
Honored Contributor

Re: Slow Sursetore DLT818

what you can do if your OS is NT or W2000 is to install LTT (Library and Tape Tools) which can be used to diagnose the proble, he can give wou the event log, perform connection test and also media test.
You can also use PAT (performance Assesment Tool)which let you test the transfer rate you can achieve from your server for the tape.
Michael Curtis
Occasional Advisor

Re: Slow Sursetore DLT818

I suddenly realised that I changed tape brands. Maxell works fine, Sony doesn't!!??
Jan Klier
Respected Contributor

Re: Slow Sursetore DLT818

There is a possibility of some DLT drives to develop a contouring of the tape drive head when used over very long periods of time with tape cartridges of one vendor, which can impact drive performance when suddendly switching to other cartridge vendors.

You should contact your HP support provider, which can help you further in determining if that is the case with your particular unit and then they can take the appropriate corrective action.