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SureStore DLT 40i lost during Firmware update

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Criss Garcia
Occasional Visitor

SureStore DLT 40i lost during Firmware update

We have a SureStore DLT 40i on Win 2K Server that I was updating the firmware to 1.5 on when it hung because the media lever was extended on the unit. After that, the device no longer appeared in Device Manager or the TapeAssure utility program listings.

I added the device back in manually using the correct device driver, but it is no longer identified as a SCSI device during boot up, How can I get the machine to recognize the tape device again?

Vincent Farrugia
Honored Contributor

Re: SureStore DLT 40i lost during Firmware update


If the firmware upgrade hung then your device will never be seen from your server ever again until firmware is downloaded fully.

You may try to redownload the firmware. If you cannot do this, I believe HP have some firmware tapes which are used in case this emergency situation arises. You should phone HP to provide you with this tape firmware.

Tape Drives RULE!!!
Criss Garcia
Occasional Visitor

Re: SureStore DLT 40i lost during Firmware update

Thank you for your reply, after some more fooling around with it yesterday, that is what I expected...

I do have the firmware downloaded, but am uncertain how to apply it to the device without using the L&TT application.

Any advice or whitepapers out there I can refer to?