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Surestore 12000e WinK Server I/O Errors?

Gary Starkweather
Occasional Visitor

Surestore 12000e WinK Server I/O Errors?

I have a MicroNet OEM'ed C1553A DDS2 Autoloader that has been a rock. Recently we had to rebuild our Win2K Server and it has been failing with I/O Errors.

I just bought a refurbed HP 12000e C1553A drive and it is failing in the same way,

This is over 3 systems and several 2940s U, UW, U2W, and even an old 1542CF.

It is a new WinK Server install from known good media and the box is pretty vanilla.

The current box is an Intel PII400 on an Intel SE440BX Mobo with 640MB of RAM and a pair of IBM 9GB SCSI drives.

Termination is active (with LED) and SCSI IDs are unique.

L&TT complains that jumpers are nonstandard and the device fails with a "I/O request was refused by the OS" type of message.

A) What is the correct setting for the jumpers

B) What is the Autoloader Options selector (next to the SCSI ID selector) for?

C) What is up with these I/O errors?


Gary Starkweather
Eugeny Brychkov
Honored Contributor

Re: Surestore 12000e WinK Server I/O Errors?

Hello Gary,
- autoloader option at the rear should be set to "7";
- check this one ;
- and this one ;
- I found drive bottom swtches config only for UNIX: 1,2,4-8 are on, 3 is off. I asked my colleague and he told me that you can use this switch setting