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Surestore DLT Autoloader 718 - drive failure

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Occasional Contributor

Surestore DLT Autoloader 718 - drive failure

I have a Surestore DLT Autoloader 718. I tried to upload the latest firmware using the HP tape tools. After the firmware upgrade, the displayed status is "Drive failure".
Any ideas?
Frequent Advisor

Re: Surestore DLT Autoloader 718 - drive failure

Hi J,

Shutdown the autoloader from the front panel, reseat the drive & reboot the autoloader. If the problem persists, try running diags on the library via LTT, you can generate a support ticket & send to HP.

Did you update the drive firmware? Did it suceed?

Curtis Ballard
Honored Contributor

Re: Surestore DLT Autoloader 718 - drive failure

The message on the front panel indicates that the drive is reporting that it detected a hardware failure. That can be any number of problems.

If you just updated firmware and the problem is being reported then it is likely that the new firmware enabled some new power up error detection and the drive is now detecting an error that it previous didn't know about.

As mentioned in the previous posting if you could post a zipped LTT support ticket we may be able to learn more.