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Surestore DLT80e on Win2KPro - will not write

Andrew Scott_6
Occasional Visitor

Surestore DLT80e on Win2KPro - will not write

Just inherited a DLT80e and I am trying to use it on my HPx4000 Workstation (using on-board SCSI subsytem)

Whenever I try to write data to the drive I just get a hardware error reported.

tapetools reports loopback data transfer is OK, but fails on write test.

Info shows the Firmware is old - But tapetools will not update the firmware - always get a firmware failed notice.

Can anyone help?
Jeffrey Willemsen
Frequent Advisor

Re: Surestore DLT80e on Win2KPro - will not write

When you have powered up the drive and inserted a cartridge is the write protect indicator on the right hand side OFF ? If not - and you are sure the cartridge is not writeprotected - the write protect detection switch might be broken in the drive. It can be replaced. For maximum capacity be sure to use DLT type IV media.

Don't change a working configuration
Andrew Scott_6
Occasional Visitor

Re: Surestore DLT80e on Win2KPro - will not write

I looked at the write protection - and I sure the tapes I have tried are not write protected.

I tried writing a small data amount (1 line text file) - and that worked without error.