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TL895 MDR info

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TL895 MDR info

Does anyone have admin guides for setting up a TL895 using a MDR, especially the MDR portion. I need to know if I can direct connect to a host server usning an HBA or do I need to go through a switch. If so is the Cisco MDS supported?

Thanks in advance...
Another Ex-DECcie
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Re: TL895 MDR info

Information on the MDR seems scarce, main page on HP site is:
The QuickSpecs are available from here provide some info on support but don't include switches. No link to manuals though.

Theres some config info available on sites sucj as Golden Eggs:

I can't find any online copies of the Modular Data Router User Guide and the file is too large (8MB) to attach to this post. I've copied it to the following ftp dropbox - will only be available on there for a short amount of time though before being deleted. Try downloading from: ftp://azdan:AZDan@

I'm pretty sure direct attached was never supported (attaching MDR directly to the FC HBA) so you'd need to go through an FC Switch.
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Re: TL895 MDR info

Thanks for the user guide, this will be a big help. All I could find was the quick specs but nothing really usefull. We need to use this still because of some legacy needs. Thanks again you have given me hope :)