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Tape Being ejected LTO 1 Ultrium

Kevin O Regan
Occasional Visitor

Tape Being ejected LTO 1 Ultrium

When we insert a tape the cartridge is ejected. You insert the tape, the ready light flashes for a while, then tape is ejected.

When I write protect the cartridge it does not eject.

Tape Drive: HP LTO Ultrium 1 drive,
S/N: HU84M01412
MODEL: C7377-00255
REV: C029

Tape: Fujifilm, LTO Ultrium 1,

Dave La Mar
Honored Contributor

Re: Tape Being ejected LTO 1 Ultrium

Kevin -
I hate to state the obvious, but we have seen this condition with defective tapes. Does the same occur when inserting a cleaning tape?

Best of luck.

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Marino Meloni_1
Honored Contributor

Re: Tape Being ejected LTO 1 Ultrium

Usualy this is indicating a defective cartridge, probably the CM (Cartridge Memory) on board on the tape is defective, this will prevent the drive to use the cartridge, avoiding to damage the data.
Write protecting the cartridge allow you to access data in order to read the data.

If this is occuring with all cartridges, it may be that the transmitter in the drive itself is dead, and you need to replace it.
If the problem is just with one cartridge, set it as Write protected, save your data on another cartridge, and discard this one.

David Ruska
Honored Contributor

Re: Tape Being ejected LTO 1 Ultrium

Can you collect an LTT support ticket for the drive? The fault logs will show us if there are CM reaed errors or other load problems. The device analysis section of the ticket may have some analysis for this automatically.

LTT is at
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