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Tape Error Led blinking - MSL 5030 Ultrium 1 tape drive

Michele (Mike) Alberton
Regular Advisor

Tape Error Led blinking - MSL 5030 Ultrium 1 tape drive

Hi !

I'm facing this strange issue with a brand new MSL5030 tape drive.
The library is attached through FC and an 8b switch to two rp7400 1Gb FC adapters.

Running backups using OB 4.1 the backup proceeds fine but once in a while one of the tape drives shows the amber tape error led lit. Initially I replaced one of the drives, but then I realized the led was blinking on tape No. 1 sometimes and tape No. 2 some other (never together so far).
The web library administrative GUI shows the Media Error: Yes, but no other evidence of the issue is available.

I replaced even the tape cartridges, but the led still blinks.

I'm wondering if I can rely on the data saved when the led is lit.

Could you feedback on this ?

Thanks !