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Tape device busy DLT 4000

Trusted Contributor

Tape device busy DLT 4000

I'm no able to take backup from my DLT4000 tape drive,

The error i receive is "ERROR: Failed to open tape device /dev/rmt/0mn:Device busy (errno = 16)"

I tried all the initial investifations.

1. root@hp123:/home/tw/dumps/journals -: mt -t /dev/rmt/0mn status
Drive: Quantum DLT4000
Status: [0]
File: 0
Block: 0
2. root@hp123:/home/tw/dumps/journals -: mt -t /dev/rmt/0mn rew
/dev/rmt/0mn: Device busy

3. Ioscan shows the drive is claimed.

As you see i'm not able to do a rewind also from this drive.

Could you please guide me hwo to proceed further.