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Ultirum 3000 Spontaneous Hard Resets

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Ultirum 3000 Spontaneous Hard Resets

Hi all,


I have an Ultrium 3000 drive here that has been chugging along for 2 1/2 years or so in a monthly backup capacity.  Recently the drive started failing backups in the middle of tapes with a hard reset, and after moving the drive to a standalone system for testing the drive has started resetting whenever a tape is inserted.  All drive cables have been changed out, etc. with no effect.  Gently touching the SAS cable sometimes causes the drive to reset as well.


HP LTT shows "Great Margins" and no faults.  Each time the drive resets it acquires a new SAS address, which obviously causes the backup system to fail.  The drive resets on tape insertion even if no operating system is booted.


A video of the drive spontaneously resetting on tape insertion is attached.  Bad drive or is there a quick fix?


Just thought I'd ask while I play telephone tag with HP's commercial warranty service...