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Ultrium 1 SCSI

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Ultrium 1 SCSI

I think my tape drive is screwed. It ejects tapes. I have done everything clean tape, new tape, firmware upgrade, run diagnostics. But it still rejects the tape after a few mins. Any ideas or do I just go for warranty support
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Re: Ultrium 1 SCSI

Hi Kevin,

Ensure you are using the right media compatable with your drive. if that is fine then I will suggest to contact your support guys to look into it




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Marino Meloni_1
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Re: Ultrium 1 SCSI

one thing I can see is that you are using a wrong cable or terminator, the device is working in narrow mode this mean that the SCSI data cable only work on 8 bits intead of 16, and is working in SE mode instead of LVS as the HBA support.
This is usualy due to a bent pin, making ground contact between the data pin and the chassis.

out of this, it seems some data are missing from the support ticket, I would suggest to try to reflash the firmware and see if it wake up the drive, and run some of the tests from LTT (connectivity, selftest, etc) that do not need a tape loaded.