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Ultrium 2-SCSI 448 int: All cartridge are bad

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Ultrium 2-SCSI 448 int: All cartridge are bad

Hi, A few days ago my ultrium-2 drive sees all cartridges as bad.
If I insert a new cartridge, he sees just fine, but when I try to use it for a test or for a backup immediately becomes damaged and does not work.
I made several rounds of cleaning and then I tried the LTO drive assessment test that returned the error 0x5083
Both the driver and firmware are updated.

This could be heads damaged? is there any proof that I can do to recover the drive or should we change? He's only 2 years of life and a moderate time of use.

I attach the support ticket generated by the tools

Thanks in advance
Michele Morosini
Marino Meloni_1
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Re: Ultrium 2-SCSI 448 int: All cartridge are bad

yes, the ticket shows that probably the unit is defective, but I would suggest firt to try this LTO on another server (could be there is some power issue) and try with another cartridge too.
0x5083 should like internal crc error in the electronic part