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Ultrium 5030 Library

Murray Salamandyk
Occasional Visitor

Ultrium 5030 Library

28 tapes in the library if 1 of these tapes is unformated (unknown status) the library tries to use this one first causing the backup to fail. Does anyone know how to change the pecking order to which tapes are choosen first?

The operators are to initialize the tapes when replacing the tapes but this is not always done causing a days worth of data to be lost because of backup failures.

Thanks Much
Leif Halvarsson_2
Honored Contributor

Re: Ultrium 5030 Library

Are you using OmniBack or DataProtector for backup ?

If so, check the allocation properties for the media pool. Is "Allocate unformatted medias first" selected ?

Also check the "InitOnLoose" variable in the options/global file. If set to 1, unformatted medias is initialized automatic.