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Ultrium 960 ext. Drive SOOOOOO slow.

Yiannis Valkaniotis
Occasional Contributor

Ultrium 960 ext. Drive SOOOOOO slow.

Hi! I Use the Ultrium 690 external drive. I connect it through the Adaptec 19160.
It is correctly recognised by windows but when i set it to backup about 300GB with no compression it asks for almost 4 days!!!
I believe that there is something wrong with the speed!!! I believe it is not the drives problem but something to the connection or the setup.

Am i missing any important setup issues?
Can someone please help???
Peter Mattei
Honored Contributor

Re: Ultrium 960 ext. Drive SOOOOOO slow.

Use the free HP LTT (Library and Tape Tools)
It contains beside many fetures and tool a performance analysis function which will show your bottleneck(s) (Network, Tape, Disk, OS Filesystem ...)


Download the tool from:

I love storage
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Re: Ultrium 960 ext. Drive SOOOOOO slow.


problems like this are often due to a bad or missing terminator. The SCSI bus will shift down to the slowest speed ever possible or it will just fail to work.

Please check the cable connection and termination first, then try to run LTT as mentioned.

Hope this helps!

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Yiannis Valkaniotis
Occasional Contributor

Re: Ultrium 960 ext. Drive SOOOOOO slow.

well, all i had to do was to buy and install a 320 SCSI controller and use the cable that came with the drive. Now i have 80 & sometimes 93 MB/sec speed.

Thank you all!!!