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Ultrium Autoloader 1/8 and Netbackup 5.1MP6

Occasional Visitor

Ultrium Autoloader 1/8 and Netbackup 5.1MP6

I recently purchased a new Autoloader 1/8 and having harrowing time getting it to work with my Netbackup 5.1MP6. I came to know that there is no Barcode reader in the Autoloader and the Netbackup software recognises the Autoloader as a robotic arm and is expecting for Barcode input to identify the tapes. I would appreciate if someone can help me with information if the Autoloader does work with Netbackup 5.1MP6.
Anthony Langdon
Occasional Visitor

Re: Ultrium Autoloader 1/8 and Netbackup 5.1MP6

The Barcode reader is integrated in the Autloader and is listed by Symantec as supported with NetBackup 5.1, so you should be able to get support from Symantec on this. However many people on this forum have problems when they try to use this Autoloader (and others) with the RAID Array controller ports. You need to use a SCSI HBA for this. Ideally this should be HBA qualified by HP.

Can you be any more specific about the problems you are having?

Curtis Ballard
Honored Contributor

Re: Ultrium Autoloader 1/8 and Netbackup 5.1MP6

There are two versions of the 1/8. The older version is 2U high and does not have a barcode reader. The new version (Nov last year) is 1U high and has an integrated barcode reader.

From the posters comments I suspect that he has the older model.

If the software is recognizing the robotic arm then the problem is not that the autoloader is connected to a RAID controller. It appears that everything is corrected correctly and this is a Netbackup question.

There may be some help in the Netbackup integration guide HP publishes. Go to and select "White Papers and Integration Guides". There is a guide for Netbackup on that page.
Anthony Langdon
Occasional Visitor

Re: Ultrium Autoloader 1/8 and Netbackup 5.1MP6

Sorry about that, I just read the Quickspecs for the current 1/8 model.

Wei Jung
Trusted Contributor

Re: Ultrium Autoloader 1/8 and Netbackup 5.1MP6

What type of Autoloader will that be? 1/8 DLT/SDLT/LTO? can you be more specific?

There are some models that can use sequential mode/circular mode, and it will detect the drive as standalone drives.
From what you are telling, the autoloader seems to be in random mode, which is ok that the software is expecting the picker to perform the movements accordingly.

In this document you can see the compatibility matrix
page 6.