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Ultrium slow performance

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Ultrium slow performance

Hi All,

I have L2000 server with Ultrium 230e (extrenal Device ) which is connected through LVD SCSI. The only device connected to controller is Ultrium.

HP OV Omniback 4.1 we have.

HP says ULTRIUM will take backup of 100 GB data in one hour.

Our DATABASE Size is 96GB, It takes 4 hrs 20 mts to take full backup.(Filesystem Backup)

We are not using online extention Backup.

Is there any way to increase the backup speed?

Ultrium uses stape as driver.

Many thanks in Advance.


Michael Tully
Honored Contributor

Re: Ultrium slow performance

You could try and increase the concurreny value, this will increase the number of disk and media agents. It could be that the tape drive drive is not getting sufficient data to stream the device to it's best potential. You may also wish to increase the segment size and block size in the device configuration(s), these may help also. Sometimes there is a balancing act that must be tested, to find the optimum, between the hardware and software, despite what the marketing says.
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